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Add the HIN Validator Gadget to your desktop

Click on the Download button to automatically place the HIN Validator tool on your desktop (Microsoft Windows ME, 2000, XP, and Vista only).


If you wish to integrate the HIN Validator within your website – please follow the instructions provided below.

Add a HIN Validator Widget to your website

If you would like to provide your website visitors with a tool to check the validity of their boat's HIN, simply use the following code to insert a link to the boatfax standalone HIN validator. Please note, that by becoming a Data Partner with boatfax, you will be eligible for a co-branded HIN validator with your own choice of colours, logo, etc.


There are 3 ways that you can choose to integrate the HIN validator into your site. The simplest way is to provide a popup link which will open the validator in a new window. The second option is to use a resizable inline frame - this will make the tool appear to be part of your own web page. Thirdly, you can choose a fixed size inline frame, which also integrates into your own page, and is provided as an alternative for web pages that will not display the resizable version correctly (for example, some browsers will not render inline frames consistently when they are placed inside a table).

Please Note: In order to use an inline frame (either fixed size or resizable), you must provide a link to the boatfax home page from the same page as the validator appears in. If you do not do this, anyone using the validator from your site might get a warning message indicating that you are breaking the terms of use. A separate link back to boatfax is not required if you use the popup window option.

In order to link to boatfax, please use the following link code:

Select one of the following options, and click in the appropriate box to select the code. Then press Ctrl-C to copy. Paste the code into your web page where you want the popup link or inline frame to appear.

Option 1: Popup Window - Click here to see an example.

Option 2: Resizable Inline Frame - Click here to see an example.

Option 3: Fixed Size Inline Frame - Click here to see an example.


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Select 'download' to add a HIN Validator to your desktop.
(Only works with MicroSoft Windows)

To add a HIN Validator to your website click here.
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