Insurance / Finance Companies and Dealers

If you are an Insurance company, Finance company, or Dealer and would like to become a part of the boatfax Data Partnership program or if you have lost or stolen boat data that you wish to share with boatfax, please contact us with a brief explanation of the type of data you hold and details of how we can contact you.  A member of the administration team will get in touch with you to discuss how you can become a part of the boatfax partnership program.

As part of the boatfax partnership program, authorized Insurers, Financers, and Delaers co-sharing lost & stolen data with boatfax are provided with:

  • Localized Loss Alerts
  • Search Alerts*
  • Preferential Access
  • Direct Phone Access
  • Localized RSS or Bulletin Data Feed
  • Data Partner Membership status
  • Your own Co-Branded HIN Validator
  • Direct Communication Manager

boatfax actively services USA, Canada and Europe.

*Search Alerts: boatfax Data Partners can choose to receive email alerts of searches made against those boats listed on boatfax by the Data Partner.

All communication and information shared with boatfax is subject to the high level of confidentiality set out in our Privacy Policy and is in compliance with all appropriate Data Privacy / Data Protection legislation throughout USA, Canada and Europe.

If you would like to know more, please submit your details in the Contact Form provided below.

Add a HIN Validator to your website

Even if you do not wish to become a Data Partner, you can still offer your website visitors the opportunity to validate their HIN by integrating our HIN validator into your website.  However, Data Partners have the added advantage of being able to include their own branding on the validator tool.

Become a boatfax Data Partner

Please use the contact form below if you wish to become a Data Partner.

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